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About Christening Invitations Wording Ideas, ChristeningAnnouncements Wording Verses and Sayings for Christening Cards

After you have selected your christening invitations to be personalized, you will want to add your personal message to it. Christening announcements are usually customized with the pertinent information so the person receiving the christening cards will know the details of the christening.

Although many consider customizing christening invitations one of the more dreaded tasks, it can be enjoyable and pleasant, especially if you have help! We offer lots of sample christening cards wordings ideas, christening cards wording verses and christening sayings for all types of christening invitations. You can choose from our extensive list and use our exact wording, or you may use any phrase or part of any wording suggestions.

Before you decide on your Christening announcements wordings, Christening invitations wordings or sayings for Christening cards, we suggest you review our Christening wording etiquette. These suggested wording ideas etiquette are for formal invitations cards, but for less formal Christening invitations, you may use your own discretion.

  • No punctuation should be used except after courtesy titles such as Mr. and Dr.
  • Capital letters are treated like sentences and are only capitalized as you would read wording like a sentence. It is not necessary to capitalize the first letter of each line.
  • Capitalize proper names and courtesy titles
  • Years need not be used, but if you want to include it, be sure to spell it out (Two thousand and seven)
  • Times are spelled out and refer to the placement of hands of a clock.
        a. Half after two or half past six (not 6:30 p.m.)
        b. Four o’clock in the afternoon (not 4:00 p.m.)
        c. Six o’clock in the evening
  • Numbers in the date are spelled out and follow the day (Sunday, the third of May)
  • Formal invitations are usually written in third-person. For example, “Mr. and Mrs. John Boston” rather than “We.”

And, don’t forget to look for christening thank you cards wording ideas, verses or sayings that will need to be sent to those who gave gifts, their time or special favors. Our complete list of christening wording ideas, christening wording verses and christening sayings for invitations, announcements, cards or thank you cards will provide lots of help to you in finding just the right words.

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