Bingo the Amazing Dog Song – Bingo Rhymes for Children

Popular kids rhyme BINGO is a great way of introducing toddlers to the letter “B”. Bingo kid song is awesome for children’s group activities, teaching memory recall and how to follow directions and turn taking in kids. It is a delightful pre-school song that has become a bestselling nursery rhyme.

“Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a dogcalled Bingo” Grandpa Brad told the children. “Bingo was an exceptional dog. He does not only play with the farmer, he also takes instructions and carryout a few domestic chores. Bingo was a well-trained dog and very loyal to the farmer, his master. Kids loved coming around the farm just to play with Bingo”.

“Tell us more about Bingo the dog”, Brain said. Grandpa Brad continued; “Bingo was very famous in the community where he lived with the farmer. Bingo was said to have saved the farmer’s little daughter who was dying of asthma attack. As soon as Bingo saw her, he quickly ran inside to get her inhaler, carried it with his mouth and dropped it on the thigh of the dying little girl and lingered around till he made sure she survived”.

Grandpa Brad continued; “another time, the farmer’s house caught fire while there was no one at home. Bingo ran down the street and began to bark hysterically, calling the attention of passers-by till they noticed the fire and helped to put it out. Bingo lived the rest of his life with the farmer and his family before he passed on at a good old age”.

The children were inspired and began to sing; “there was a farmer who had a dog, and Bingo was his name-o”. They clapped as they called out each letter of his name; “B-I-N-G-O”. The children sang and clapped leaving out a letter off Bingo’s name as they sang and clapped each time they sang the praise of Bingo.

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