Confirmation Invitations

Regardless of your family's religion, one of the most important days in your child's life is probably going to be his or her Confirmation. While you're probably well aware of what this entails in your own religious traditions with sending printable Confirmation invitations, you may not know that it's a common part of most forms of Christianity. Although the Religious Confirmation is perceived differently among Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans and other Christians, celebrating this special event with your family is going to be important. Let Announcements-Shoppe help you find the perfect custom Confirmation Invitations to send to everyone who should be there.

What Makes Announcements Shoppe's Confirmation Invitations so Special? - If you're wondering what makes us so special, there are a couple of things. First, we are one of the only stationery providers concentrating solely on religious cards. Because we are so focused on this one area, we can provide better service and selection than you'll find at our competitors. Second, we go the extra mile for our customers. Who else would offer 10 FREE cards with a purchase just to show our appreciation for your business? And those are just a few of the good reasons you should buy your announcements from us.

Adding Confirmation Invites Photos - You can also make these printed Religious Confirmation Invitations your very own by including photos or other graphics on the cards. With any of the designs you choose, you have the option of adding these special touches. Just send us the photo and we will add it to the design. It's something we can do to help you make your cards more unique and more precious. Regardless of whether you choose this option or not, you will receive a proof of your Confirmation invitations before we print the batch so you can suggest changes or make alterations.