Indian Famous Business Personalities

A lot of times, the words famous businessman and famous business personality are used interchangeably. But there is a clear distinguishable difference between the two. A good businessman is simply someone that is good at handling the business side of things. But a famous personality does more than run a business. They represent themselves on the world stage and inspire others.

Sundar Pichai

There’s no doubt that Sundar is one of the biggest Indian business personalities out there. The self-made Madurai native has managed to climb his way from being a metallurgical engineering student to being Google’s CEO. He is living proof to many young entrepreneurs out there that all it takes a bit of passion and patience to get ahead in life.

Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi came from a humble household in Tamil Nadu. She holds three bachelor’s degrees in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as well as a post grad programme diploma from Indian Institute of Management. She would go on to join large firms like being a project manager for Johnson & Johnson as well as holding a strategy and marketing position in Motorola.

However, her ambitions wouldn’t stop there. She would later join PepsiCo in 1994 and become CEO of the company seven years later. She continued to hold that position until 6 August 2018 when she stepped down in favor of being a board member instead. She is an inspiration to all the aspiring Indian businesswomen out there.

Anand Mishra

Starting off as a basic software programmer at the of 17, Anand Mishra had a dream to run his own business. Through hard work and determination he would make that dream a reality by becoming a CEO of the telecom company Star Infranet. Anand Mishra is currently pursuing a CFA from the CFA Institute of America to further cement himself a world class business personality.

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