Nursery Rhyme for Your Five Little Monkeys

Beginning your search for wholesome children songs and nursery rhymes might feel overwhelming at first but we’re here to help. A classic toddler song that you might remember singing while growing up is Five Little Monkeys. This classic nursery rhyme is carried with a cheerful yet mischievous musical tone and has been kept around for ages because of the educational benefit it holds.

The Educational and Moral Benefits for your Little Monkeys

The lyrics of this kids’ song is an informative yet catchy way to teach your child the value of mathematical subtraction and importance of listening to others. At the end of the Five Little Monkeys, all the monkeys that fell from the bed ended up learning their lesson through the negative reinforcement of getting injured and having to visit the doctor. Within the lyrics of this children song, a character known as “Mother” repeatedly tells the monkeys that they should not be jumping on the bed given the potential dangers of doing so.

Upon reaching the end of the nursery rhyme we find that there are in fact, no more monkeys able to jump on the bed because of the injuries they had sustained after disobeying their mother. The moral of this story is to not be foolish and listen to your elders because they possess a great amount of wisdom that could be helpful in the long run, this kind of exposure to moral problems and solutions is valuable to children at young ages who are still in their early learning stages. Broadening the horizon for your child using nursery rhymes is a practice that has been around for ages. Not only is your child being entertained but they are also learning vicariously through the storyline.

Other Activities Involving this Nursery Rhyme

These famous kids song also has a lesser known finger play to engage your little monkeys’ imagination and mind. The finger play is easy to find and usually accompanies the song lyrics or song link.

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