Old MacDonald Had a Farm – Animal Revolution

Onomatopoeia can be quite difficult to explain to children but with Old McDonalds Farm, this favourite children rhyme makes it very easy to introduce kids and pre-school kids the associations between sounds and the meanings they represent. It is all time favorite preschool song.

Right beside Dave and Ava’s house lived Old McDonalds, a hardworking farmer who had a very large farm. Old MacDonald had lots of animals on his farm. He had cows, pigs, ducks, horses, lambs, chickens, birds and many more animals.

One day, Old MacDonald came to his farm and met all his animals looking sad. They did not welcome him warmly like they used to. He became worried and went to meet the cows to find what was wrong. Old MacDonald said; “hello cows, why are you sad?” The next thing he heard was a “moo moo” here, and a “moo moo” there, here a “moo,” there a “moo”, everywhere a “moo moo”. Confused, Old MacDonald left the cows and went to meet the pigs to find out why they were sad.

Old MacDonald asked the pigs; “hello piggie, why are you sad?” The next thing he heard was a “oink oink” here and a “oink oink” there, he looked around him but the only thing he heard was “oink oink” everywhere he tuned.

“I trust the ducks, they will surly talk to me and tell me what is going on here” Old MacDonald thought to himself as he left the pigs. Before he got to the cage where his ducks were, all his animals had assembled there all waiting with long face. The “quack quack” of the ducks, the “neigh neigh” of the horse, the “baa baa” of the sheep, the “cluck cluck” of the chicken almost drove him crazy.

“I guess I know what the problem is. These animals must be very hungry this morning. They are surely trying to tell me their feelings” Old MacDonald got their meals, went to their pens and cages and fed them all to their satisfaction.

As old Old MacDonald went round to check on them to ensure they were all fine, he met his animals, happy, singing and dancing. At every corner of his farm, he heard a “cluck cluck” here and a “baa baa” there, here a “neigh”, there a “quack” and everywhere an “oink”“moo”. Old MacDonald smiled and went home.

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