Story about the Founder of Pro Wrestling League

ProSportify was launched in 2015 by Kartikeya Sharma as a local sporting initiative. The main aim of this initiative was to strengthen the athletics and sports that are generally played all over India. There is a lot of talent in the country when it comes to sports, and many new athletes emerge continuously. This talent, however, is short-lived and is squandered away since there are no proper places or playing conditions for them and very little support from the communities or government. The entire aim of Kartikeya Sharma’s ProSportify initiative is to fix this problem by encouraging athletes to continue with their dreams of reaching the international levels.

With this notion, Kartikeya Sharma, along with the Wrestling Federation of India, has come up with the Pro Wrestling League. It is also known as PWL and is similar to the famous IPL (Indian Premier League), which is a famous international cricket league. There are around six franchise teams in Kartikeya Sharma Pro Wrestling League with nine players each, consisting of five men and four women. The teams include both international players and local Indian players. In fact, one of the players in the Kartikeya Sharma Pro Wrestling League is Adeline Gray from the United States.

Even though wrestling is not as popular as cricket in India, the Kartikeya Sharma Pro Wrestling League has managed to produce two great seasons of wrestling. It has received immense popularity all over the country as well as internationally. In the latest season, NCR Punjab Royals were crowned as the champions of the Kartikeya Sharma Pro Wrestling League

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