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Twice the joy - Twice the love.
We welcome from above.


Double the diapers,double the pins. We proudly announce

the birth of our twins.



Noah gathered, two by two.
but for the __________, God said
that would not do



Double the trouble,

Double the fun,
our life with twins,

has just begun!



Two miracles instead of one.
Two special little lives have just begun!



We welcome with love our new little peas.
They are as cute as they can be.



We are blessed today

with two beautiful angels

that took our breath away.



Double the diapers,

double the pins

double the pleasure,

we just had twins!



Two little angles sent from above,

two little girls for us to love



Double the love and double the joys.

We've been blessed

with a baby girl and a baby boy!



Three little blessings

their hearts formed in love.

Truly a miracle,

a gift from above!



Have you heard the news?

Some blessings come in TWO'S!



Two miracles instead of one,

two little lives have just begun!



Twenty fingers, twenty toes,

plenty of work, heaven knows!

Four little arms to hold tight,

four little cheeks to kiss night-night!



It is with great joy that we announce

the birth of our twins!



"Special Delivery!" called the stork,

as up and away it flew.

For suddenly into our lives had come

not one precious bundle, but THREE!



Good things come in triplicate

As you can see!



We counted our blessings,

thankful for one,

now we have two,

double the fun!



At first we thought it would be pink or blue,

then what a surprise, not one baby but two!



We are all "two" happy to announce

the arrival of



Twice as precious and

twice as much fun,

we've been blessed two times

rather than one!



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