Indian Famous Business Personalities

A lot of times, the words famous businessman and famous business personality are used interchangeably. But there is a clear distinguishable difference between the two. A good businessman is simply someone that is good at handling the business side of things. But a famous personality does more than run a business. They represent themselves on the world stage and inspire others.

Sundar Pichai

There’s no doubt that Sundar is one of the biggest Indian business personalities out there. The self-made Madurai native has managed to climb his way from being a metallurgical engineering student to being Google’s CEO. He is living proof to many young entrepreneurs out there that all it takes a bit of passion and patience to get ahead in life.

Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi came from a humble household in Tamil Nadu. She holds three bachelor’s degrees in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as well as a post grad programme diploma from Indian Institute of Management. She would go on to join large firms like being a project manager for Johnson & Johnson as well as holding a strategy and marketing position in Motorola.

However, her ambitions wouldn’t stop there. She would later join PepsiCo in 1994 and become CEO of the company seven years later. She continued to hold that position until 6 August 2018 when she stepped down in favor of being a board member instead. She is an inspiration to all the aspiring Indian businesswomen out there.

Anand Mishra

Starting off as a basic software programmer at the of 17, Anand Mishra had a dream to run his own business. Through hard work and determination he would make that dream a reality by becoming a CEO of the telecom company Star Infranet. Anand Mishra is currently pursuing a CFA from the CFA Institute of America to further cement himself a world class business personality.

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Nursery Rhyme for Your Five Little Monkeys

Beginning your search for wholesome children songs and nursery rhymes might feel overwhelming at first but we’re here to help. A classic toddler song that you might remember singing while growing up is Five Little Monkeys. This classic nursery rhyme is carried with a cheerful yet mischievous musical tone and has been kept around for ages because of the educational benefit it holds.

The Educational and Moral Benefits for your Little Monkeys

The lyrics of this kids’ song is an informative yet catchy way to teach your child the value of mathematical subtraction and importance of listening to others. At the end of the Five Little Monkeys, all the monkeys that fell from the bed ended up learning their lesson through the negative reinforcement of getting injured and having to visit the doctor. Within the lyrics of this children song, a character known as “Mother” repeatedly tells the monkeys that they should not be jumping on the bed given the potential dangers of doing so.

Upon reaching the end of the nursery rhyme we find that there are in fact, no more monkeys able to jump on the bed because of the injuries they had sustained after disobeying their mother. The moral of this story is to not be foolish and listen to your elders because they possess a great amount of wisdom that could be helpful in the long run, this kind of exposure to moral problems and solutions is valuable to children at young ages who are still in their early learning stages. Broadening the horizon for your child using nursery rhymes is a practice that has been around for ages. Not only is your child being entertained but they are also learning vicariously through the storyline.

Other Activities Involving this Nursery Rhyme

These famous kids song also has a lesser known finger play to engage your little monkeys’ imagination and mind. The finger play is easy to find and usually accompanies the song lyrics or song link.

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Old MacDonald Had a Farm – Animal Revolution

Onomatopoeia can be quite difficult to explain to children but with Old McDonalds Farm, this favourite children rhyme makes it very easy to introduce kids and pre-school kids the associations between sounds and the meanings they represent. It is all time favorite preschool song.

Right beside Dave and Ava’s house lived Old McDonalds, a hardworking farmer who had a very large farm. Old MacDonald had lots of animals on his farm. He had cows, pigs, ducks, horses, lambs, chickens, birds and many more animals.

One day, Old MacDonald came to his farm and met all his animals looking sad. They did not welcome him warmly like they used to. He became worried and went to meet the cows to find what was wrong. Old MacDonald said; “hello cows, why are you sad?” The next thing he heard was a “moo moo” here, and a “moo moo” there, here a “moo,” there a “moo”, everywhere a “moo moo”. Confused, Old MacDonald left the cows and went to meet the pigs to find out why they were sad.

Old MacDonald asked the pigs; “hello piggie, why are you sad?” The next thing he heard was a “oink oink” here and a “oink oink” there, he looked around him but the only thing he heard was “oink oink” everywhere he tuned.

“I trust the ducks, they will surly talk to me and tell me what is going on here” Old MacDonald thought to himself as he left the pigs. Before he got to the cage where his ducks were, all his animals had assembled there all waiting with long face. The “quack quack” of the ducks, the “neigh neigh” of the horse, the “baa baa” of the sheep, the “cluck cluck” of the chicken almost drove him crazy.

“I guess I know what the problem is. These animals must be very hungry this morning. They are surely trying to tell me their feelings” Old MacDonald got their meals, went to their pens and cages and fed them all to their satisfaction.

As old Old MacDonald went round to check on them to ensure they were all fine, he met his animals, happy, singing and dancing. At every corner of his farm, he heard a “cluck cluck” here and a “baa baa” there, here a “neigh”, there a “quack” and everywhere an “oink”“moo”. Old MacDonald smiled and went home.

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Bingo the Amazing Dog Song – Bingo Rhymes for Children

Popular kids rhyme BINGO is a great way of introducing toddlers to the letter “B”. Bingo kid song is awesome for children’s group activities, teaching memory recall and how to follow directions and turn taking in kids. It is a delightful pre-school song that has become a bestselling nursery rhyme.

“Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a dogcalled Bingo” Grandpa Brad told the children. “Bingo was an exceptional dog. He does not only play with the farmer, he also takes instructions and carryout a few domestic chores. Bingo was a well-trained dog and very loyal to the farmer, his master. Kids loved coming around the farm just to play with Bingo”.

“Tell us more about Bingo the dog”, Brain said. Grandpa Brad continued; “Bingo was very famous in the community where he lived with the farmer. Bingo was said to have saved the farmer’s little daughter who was dying of asthma attack. As soon as Bingo saw her, he quickly ran inside to get her inhaler, carried it with his mouth and dropped it on the thigh of the dying little girl and lingered around till he made sure she survived”.

Grandpa Brad continued; “another time, the farmer’s house caught fire while there was no one at home. Bingo ran down the street and began to bark hysterically, calling the attention of passers-by till they noticed the fire and helped to put it out. Bingo lived the rest of his life with the farmer and his family before he passed on at a good old age”.

The children were inspired and began to sing; “there was a farmer who had a dog, and Bingo was his name-o”. They clapped as they called out each letter of his name; “B-I-N-G-O”. The children sang and clapped leaving out a letter off Bingo’s name as they sang and clapped each time they sang the praise of Bingo.

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Story about the Founder of Pro Wrestling League

ProSportify was launched in 2015 by Kartikeya Sharma as a local sporting initiative. The main aim of this initiative was to strengthen the athletics and sports that are generally played all over India. There is a lot of talent in the country when it comes to sports, and many new athletes emerge continuously. This talent, however, is short-lived and is squandered away since there are no proper places or playing conditions for them and very little support from the communities or government. The entire aim of Kartikeya Sharma’s ProSportify initiative is to fix this problem by encouraging athletes to continue with their dreams of reaching the international levels.

With this notion, Kartikeya Sharma, along with the Wrestling Federation of India, has come up with the Pro Wrestling League. It is also known as PWL and is similar to the famous IPL (Indian Premier League), which is a famous international cricket league. There are around six franchise teams in Kartikeya Sharma Pro Wrestling League with nine players each, consisting of five men and four women. The teams include both international players and local Indian players. In fact, one of the players in the Kartikeya Sharma Pro Wrestling League is Adeline Gray from the United States.

Even though wrestling is not as popular as cricket in India, the Kartikeya Sharma Pro Wrestling League has managed to produce two great seasons of wrestling. It has received immense popularity all over the country as well as internationally. In the latest season, NCR Punjab Royals were crowned as the champions of the Kartikeya Sharma Pro Wrestling League

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